Our Mission

Provide creative real estate solutions with a personal touch

We live, operate and serve in Memphis, Tennessee. We are local Midsouth investors that want to make a positive difference in the community for the Sell My House fast Memphis. Your home is as important to us as it is to you.

Our Core ValuesWe think these are pretty important

Operating with Integrity

We believe in always doing the right thing when no one’s looking.

Delivering Value

We believe in always bringing value to any client relationships whether that is sound advice or a fair cash offer.

Client First Mentality

We believe in always seeking to understand our client’s unique situation.

Commitment to Solutions

We believe in always being dedicated and committed to the process until the end.

Creative Problem Solving

We believe in always being creative and thinking outside the box for solutions.

Having Fun In The Process

We believe in always having fun or your money back.

Meet The Team

Deniz McDanielCEO/Real estate Investor

A Little About Me

Insider secret: This is my favorite part of a website! I always go to the “About Me” page as soon as I go to a website to learn more about the owner…So here is a little info about me.  I’ll keep it brief, I promise.

I was born in Munich Germany and came to the U.S when I was 2 years old. My passion is helping other people reach their goals in life. I am an encourager by nature and always try to see the bright side of every situation. I have a beautiful wife named Natasha, but we all call her “Tash”, and two boys, Corbin and Isaac. I own and operate 2 businesses; Proverbial Financial Group and Hometown investment group. My background before real estate investing was helping people manage wealth and become financially independent. I co-authored a national best selling book and have taught thousands of people how to become financially free. God has blessed me in every endeavor I have embarked upon and for that I am truly grateful. Besides working, I enjoy the same things in life that most people do… Spending time with family, travel, I love music, serving at my local church, and being a father and husband.

Fun Fact: For some reason my whole life, people have called me “Daniel.”

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